Our ISHTA yoga lineage is represented in Stockholm City on various studios and also elsewhere around Scandinavia where our teachers live and work. We have representation all over Sweden, in Norway and Finland.

The ISHTA yoga classes are at the core core of it all with alignment-based vinyasa is the intelligent placement of the body and breath. Flow through poses at a slow to moderate pace with specific focus on alignment as a way to safely attain balance, strength, and flexibility. Props may be used as a way to open and increase the potential of your. Each class tends to work with a theme and/or a focus on a specific aspect of the practice (such as hip openers, twists, inversions, backbends etc). As you learn the basics of alignment, you can experience greater stability and comfort, not only in the body, but also the mind.

An ISHTA yoga class always incorporates pranayama; breathing exercises, followed by some slow and sweet flow, then we aim at working on aligning breath with movement, stability with strength and focus with ease. The class ends with relaxation and meditation, ISHTA style.

Every week has its own theme and we will be working with Ayurvedic, Tantric and Hatha yoga techniques in order to find what best suits the given moment, the individuals in the room and also set the intention for greater health on all levels; physically, mentally and spiritually.

ulricabildUlrica Norberg, Yogiraj
Our Swedish Yogiraj and ISHTA YOGA representative; Ulrica Norberg teaches ISHTA classes weekly and offer workshops and masterclasses, Click here to  see her teaching schedule.

unknownOnline classes
You can also take ONLINE ISHTA YOGA CLASSES on YOGOBE, where several ISHTAyoga Masters present classes.